Soodle Street

New York City

I am back, slightly jet lagged but content, sat behind my desk after a beautiful 10 day trip to New York City.

New York has always been a dream destination for me, and this dream escalated whilst studying my Masters degree at UEA. I completed a module on turn-of-the-century New York and loved it! It inspired me to write my dissertation on Precisionist artist Charles Demuth. Looking back on that time of word counts, references and footnotes, it was pure magic to stand in front of his painting 'My Egypt' in The Whitney Museum of American Art.

The deep, complicated physical and social history of the City completely fascinates me. I recently ploughed through Edward Rutherford's epic novel 'New York' and was captivated by the story of the City from the Dutch Colony of New Amsterdam right up to 9/11. There is no avoiding how unsavory a lot (a hell of a lot) of New York’s history is, but the human stories that have built the metropolis are like no other.

It was so exciting to walk the streets named after 'Stuyvesant' and 'Vanderbilt' to see the Waldorf Astoria, knowing they were the names that built New York to what it is (equally exciting was 5th Avenue, …Carrie Bradshaw…you know…) There were so many moments on our trip I had to stop and take it all in, its so easy to get caught up in the bustle, blend in and not really appreciate where you are.

One of the most wonderful moments of the holiday was getting up early on our first morning and walking over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. To approach that iconic skyline with blue skies, Lady Liberty to your left and the gleaming East River beneath you was pinch-yourself dreamy. Greenwich Village and Little Italy were my favourite parts of New York. They are so vibrant, homely, stylish and rugged all at the same time.

The very best food in New York is not enjoyed seated and served in a Michelin Star restaurant, its eaten off a paper plate or napkin lent up against a bicycle stand, just down the street from the tiny joint with the queue streaming out the door. The 'snack-culture' in New York is insanely good. I have no idea how they makes those pizza slices SO good.

Of course, I have to mention the buildings. The buildings in New York are to die for. They are breathtaking. From the gigantic Empire State to the piles of apartments, shops and water towers all on top of each other fighting for air, they are iconic. Every building is different to the one next to it, each standing their ground (in probably the most expensive real-estate on earth). The Chrysler Building was one of my favourites to see in the flesh, it’s so beautiful. I am an architecture lover and I advise any others to visit New York – it is a banquet laid out before you.

Collage Workshop - book now!

Do you have a house or special building you love? Want to make a beautiful artwork of it? I will be hosting a 'house portrait' collage workshop in the lead up to Christmas!
This is a nice opportunity if you would like to make a unique Christmas gift for someone special!
A casual, fun and mindful afternoon of creating! Come with friends or on your own - tea, coffee and posh biscuits provided. . Just send me an email or DM to book. Places are limited so be quick!


Any orders placed after 10/10/18 will be posted 23/10/18 - We are in New York!!!!

House History and Collage Workshop at Norfolk Heritage Centre

I had a wonderful time on Saturday at Norfolk Heritage Centre in the Millennium Library hosting a recycled paper collage workshop. We spent some time with Rachel learning about all the facilities the Heritage Centre has to offer to help you research your home's history - we are really lucky to have such great historical facilities - its fascinating!

After getting to know our home's history a bit better we then got to know them visually by making 'house portraits' from collaged paper. Everyone made some great depictions of their home in their own styles. I was so impressed with everyones finished results! It was a really relaxing way to spend the afternoon, concentrating on a creative activity and meeting lots of lovely people. Thank you to all who came!