Soodle Street


I have just updated my commissions page with my latest completed requests! Do let me know if you are interested in your own paper renovation!


The Norse Way

The Norse Way Project is complete! These three pieces will be joined together to form one long street representing all the locations of Norse Commercial Services. I have loved taking part in this collaborative project - its been a great experience and it was lovely to see other people enjoying Soodle Street too! The Street is made completely of unwanted paper of course!

If you are interested in any collaborative work - group or otherwise - send me a message! I would love to see what other creations we can make!


The William and Florence

What a lovely surprise it was to see my artwork decorating the walls of the new William and Florence on Unthank Road! This bar is the new endeavour of the owners of Norwich favourites - The Unthank Arms, The Lawyer and The Trafford Arms. It was great to see that the work they commissioned from me is hanging here!