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Soodle Street uses imagination and curiosity to reinvent the everyday; collecting forgotten and unwanted papers and reviving them into new and unexpected visual designs. In today’s ‘throw away’ society, Soodle Street takes a small step to re-use and recycle, appreciating the visual offerings of even the most everyday material. Inspired by a passion for architecture, history, culture and place, Soodle Street creates colourful collages designed completely by recycling unwanted paper.

Take a walk down
Soodle Street and have a peek around the corners of this paper neighbourhood. Stop by the gallery to see the collections, check into the news stand to keep up to date, or call into our office to get to know the chief architect.

If a guided tour is what you’re after, be sure to follow the hustle and bustle of
Soodle Street on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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